2023 Community Fundraising Events

Stepping Strong Center

On April 15, 2013, the city of Boston was changed forever when a beautiful Marathon Monday turned into a senseless tragedy. Gillian Reny, then a high school senior, was one of 39 critically injured patients rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital where a team of physicians were able to save her life and her legs. To show their gratitude to the Brigham, the Reny family established the Stepping Strong Center to support innovation in the field of trauma research and care to ensure that those who have endured traumatic injuries or events are treated with the same compassionate care as Gillian. 


The spirit of the Stepping Strong Center is our community — from our runners who help us fundraise, to our researchers and doctors who are making incredible advances in trauma care. The Stepping Strong Center is home to all who are dedicated to transforming trauma care for civilian and military survivors worldwide.

To help the Stepping Strong Center turn tragedy into hope, please consider making a donation. Your support will help us continue to support the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries through research, education, and outreach. Thank you.

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