2022 Community Fundraising Events

Emily Fletcher's Marathon for the Alexandra Golby

I have always wanted to run a marathon.   In 2009, following the removal of a 4.5cm Cavernous Malformation in my left temporal lobe this became impossible as I was left with epilepsy and loss of finer motor skill and sensation on my left side. 

Earlier this year I decided that I would bite the bullet and try and walk one. 

So... on Aug 9th on Mount Desert Island, my favourite place in the world, I will attempt it.  It may be that I don't make it all the way, though I am determined to give it a massive go. And I won't give up unless my body says stop!

What will help me the most to complete the challenge is if I raise money for a cause that is very personal to me.  My oldest friend is Alexandra Golby. What you won't necessarily know is that she is the Director of the incredible Golby Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital which does amazing work on brain imaging. Her achievements are incredible; she is not just a supreme neurosurgeon but a great researcher and one of the funniest and most extraordinary women you will ever meet.

Any donation will be amazing, will help me get through the 26.2 miles and most importantly will help so many people through the phenomenal work that the Golby Lab does.  

Thank you all so much for your support, it means everything to me.


Please note that the gift amounts are in USD $. Below is a table to show conversions (based on 7/29/22 rate) so you can see the approximate value of your gift if you prefer to give in pounds.

United States Dollar    Your gift in Pounds Sterling

$5                                 £4.11

$10                               £8.22

$15                               £12.33

$20                               £16.43

$25                               £20.54

$50                               £41.09

$100                             £82.17

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