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Brigham Police and Security Pink Patch Fundraiser to Benefit The Comprehensive Breast Cancer Fund


The Brigham Police & Security Department has launched the third year of the Pink Patch Fundraiser to benefit The Comprehensive Breast Cancer Fund, which provides funding within the Brigham Division of Breast Surgery.

The fund is dedicated to helping the division to provide a patient-centered approach to breast cancer detection, prevention, patient and staff education, research, and treatment.

Some cancer patients might be at an increased risk of serious illness from an infection or virus such as COVID-19 because their immune systems can be weakened by cancer and its treatments.

The goals of this Pink Patch Fundraiser are to increase awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention and to raise funds to benefit The Comprehensive Breast Cancer Fund at Brigham

During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, uniformed personnel are allowed to replace their standard uniform patches with the Pink Patch as a reminder of our commitment toward raising awareness among those in our community.

Patches are available to any staff or members of the public who would like one.

Please ask any of our uniformed Brigham Police and Security staff at the Brigham Hospital main campus or satellite facilities and request one. We can also send the patch or pin to your mailing address upon request. The suggested donation amount for the patch is $10.  All donations are accepted only through this page.

No offline donations can be accepted by any of our staff.

Of course, donations in any amount will be graciously accepted and greatly appreciated.


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