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Michael J. Draper Fund for International Mesothelioma Program Research at Brigham and Women Hospital

On February 17, 2020 at 11:24 AM, Michael J. Draper left behind his earthly vessel, his soul transcended, and his eternal love and energy remain here on Earth within us. After a heroic fight to beat this horrific disease, he passed peacefully and comfortably, free from the incredible pain and labored breaths that the disease induced. His incredible strength was displayed right up through his final human breath.

Though the following was published prior to dad's departure when we began our fundraising efforts, the mission remains the same - to reach the $50,000 goal and have the fund named in dad's memory.

Thank you for your love and support!

Loved  Ones  -

I've  been  negligent in  publishing  this,  because  I  couldn't  find  the  words...but  I've  found  a  few...

I  pray  I  can  gather  up  the  strength  to  introduce  Mesothelioma  more  thoughtfully,  but  dad  is  growing  weary.    I  want  him  to  feel  the  comforting  energy  that  I  trust  you  will  send  him  as  you  read  this.

I  am   watching  this  shitty  disease  rob  our   father  of  his  precious  light   in  the  most  horrific of  ways. 

Dad  is  one  (1 )  in  the  approximate  3,000  other  people  who  were  diagnosed  with  Mesothelioma in  2019.    Though  dad   is  my   passion  for  fundraising  for   Mesothelioma   research,  I  feel  responsible to  spread  the  limited  Mesothelioma and  asbestos facts  that  I've  uncovered  in  my    quest  to  find  a  cure  for  dad.    

For  example:

Are  you  of  the  understanding  that  asbestos  is  no  longer  allowed  to  be  used  in  the  United  States?    I  was  too.     We  often  associate  asbestos  and  vinyl  asbestos  floors  and  think  that  asbestos  is  a  thing  of  the  past.    But  in  June  2018,  the EPA  created   new avenues for asbestos  for   a wide range of uses related to manufacturing.    How  many  more  people  will  be  tragically exposed  to  asbestos  like  dad  was?

Did  you  know  that  the Twin Towers were built with  about 400 tons of asbestos  and  the  EPA showed that asbestos made up approximately 4% of the dust created during the collapse of the Twin Towers   with a  significant  radial  span.     It  has  been  estimated  that   of  the more than 9,000 people who  were  heavily  exposed  to  the  9/11 dust, as  of  2018  nearly half  reported one or more  Mesothelioma  symptoms and 11% reported  three.    It usually takes between 20 and 50 years for  Mesothelioma   to develop after asbestos exposure.    We're  about  at  the  mark  when  we  will  likely  experience  an  uptick  in  Mesothelioma diagnoses.    

We  need  a  cure.    There  is  no  greater  group  to  invest  in  for  Mesothelioma research  than  Dr.  Bueno's  world-renowned  International  Mesothelioma Program    at  Brigham  and  Women's  Hospital  in  Boston.

**  Please  be  assured  that  every  single  penny  donated  transfers  directly  to  Brigham  and  Women's  Hospital. **

 As  I  close  for  now,  I'm  going  to  attempt  to  help  you  understand  that,  though  dad  may  be  one  (1)   in a  mere  3,000  to  some,  he's  number  1  to  others.    Though  "few"  are  effected,  those  "few"  matter  to  someone.

Who  is  the  man  we  are  rallying  for?

A  man  who  puts   "gentle"  in  *gentle*man.    

A  person  of  peace  and  kindness  in  every  interaction.    

The  consummate  husband, dad, and grampy  who never  ceased   working hard  to care  for  us.     He  hasn't  yet  been  able   to relish  the  rewards  of  retirement;  he  only celebrated  his  65th  birthday  in  August.     His  Mesothelioma was  discovered  in  Spring  2019  and  had  already ravaged  his  body  by  August.

Most  importantly,  though,  our  dad  is the  kindest of humans;  speak  to  those  he's   interacted  with  and  you'd  be  hard-pressed   to  find  someone  who   wouldn't   voluntarily comment  on  dad's  patient,  gentle  or  kind  nature  -   a  life  achievement  few  can  ever  attain.

Please feel  free  to   share  a  positive  thought,  prayer,  or  message  to  uplift  dad.    And,  if  you  feel  compelled  to  stand  next  to  our  family  in  the  hope  for  a  cure,  please  donate.

With  thoughts  of  peace,  health,  and  happiness,

The  Draper  Family

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