2024 Boston 10K presented by Brigham and Women's Hospital

I Do the 10K for Healthy Babies

The Smith Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the largest NICU in Massachusetts caring for nearly 3,000 premature or ill infants every year. While the medical breakthroughs have led to impressive results, we recognize that a NICU admission is not only a long and challenging road for the neonate but for their caregivers and siblings as well. Supporting these families through this journey is an important part of the care that we provide. 

The Friends of the NICU program here at BWH provides many benefits to families such as free meals up to 5 days a week, gift cards and toiletries, books, welcome bags for each family with necessities, materials for making footprint charm necklaces as well as hosting NICU family dinner events, educational sessions and so much more. In addition to items to help ease the NICU journey for families, donations to The Friends of the NICU program also ensures that we have adequate items that promote developmentally-sensitive care for the babies in our unit such as visual/auditory mobiles, books for families to read with their infants in a variety of languages, swings, blanket swaddles and more.

We are also proud to announce a new program called Project Milestones. This program gives the opportunity to families to create fond memories marking their infants' first holidays by capturing special photographs in festive attire and props.

 We welcome you to join us in support of this program so that we may continue to provide these wonderful benefits for our NICU families here at BWH..

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