B.A.A. 10K presented by Brigham and Women's Hospital

Happy feet

Hi all, 

We are running, walking, or hobbling 6.2 miles between June 25-27 to raise money to support the Belfort and Sen labs and provide actual financial support to our RAs and labs in their research endeavors. The blurb I put out for our fund follows:

The fund is a sundry fund that exists to support the principle investigators with their research costs not otherwise specifically funded. We hope to use the funds to support our research staff in their learning endeavors. We have amazing research assistants and students who work on our projects and we encourage and support them with as many learning opportunities as we can on site. We also support them in working on their own small research projects, but there is usually no money for them to pay submission fees or costs for presenting if their work is accepted. Given what they earn, they don't have the money either. We are running to support those new and learning in our department as they embark on their careers or their pursuit of further education in medicine. 

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