2023 B.A.A. 10K presented by Brigham and Women's Hospital

Susan Keith Run for MS

We are running to fund MS research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) un by Dr. Howard Weiner who has developed an amazing MS research center for Multiple Sclerosis, the MS Research Center.  We are honoring my dear friend Susan who died after a 35 year struggle with MS. Susan was a woman so full of life. until MS took her down.

...:::: GIVE From Your HEART to cure MS <3 :::... 

Before MS, Susan danced, she ran, she played tennis, she walked where she wanted and lived as she wanted.  After MS, Susan eventually could only move her head and speak.  Susan lived in an electric wheel chair with an electric arm. 

Susan was an amazing person, a lawyer (Emory Law School), Skadden & Universal Studios alum, good & loving friend of many, poet, wise woman, and woman of courage.  She was an award winning poet, and one hell of a good lawyer - which she loved. Her area of focus was negotiating executive employment agreements.  But Susan also gave - she was the #1 fund MS fundraiser in Southern California and in Oregon.  Susan was also a lover of life in so many ways - partying, singing, talking, writing, volleyball, encouraging other to go for what they wanted in Life.  She married Dr. Jeanne Perry and left Jeanne behind when she died two summers ago in 2020.  Please donate and help find a cure to MS - they are on the cusp of figuring it out - and it is related to so many other neurological diseases. 

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